'ello there! 

My name is Nick Sweeney and you have either:

a) stumbled upon my site by accident, or

are looking for some custom artwork for yourself, your business, or your loved ones.

If you've chosen b), then you've chosen the right site!  I specialize in ink, colored pencil, and pencil drawings (and I can paint a bit, too).  Need a story-board?  I've got ya covered!  Looking for a custom-made anniversary card?  I'll get you one that will give you brownie points until 2013, guaranteed*!  

I am a freelance artist/illustrator/cartoonist/contortionist with a penchant for the fun and funny, so whatever your needs, you can count on Sweenbud.  Click below to review some of my work and if you like what you see, contact me for some artwork of your very own! 


*Guarantee not guaranteed

  In the News...


Bugging Out!

Check out my marvelous mural masterpiece!  Click here to view more!

Thank you, Cincinnati for voting Issue 9 down in November!  Yes, I am a huge proponent for the Cincinnati Streetcar!  As such, I used my vast array of artistic talents to help the cause by drawing the cartoons you've been seeing on sites such as Somewhere Over-The-Rhine, The Phony Coney, CAAST, and the CincyStreetcar Blog.  Click here to see all of the artwork associated with the "Nein on Nine" efforts!

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